Harvest Moon Back to Nature Walk Trough

Back To NatureHarvest Moon: Back To Nature

Console: Sony Playstation
Japan Release:
N.America Release: November 2000

Harvest Moon Back to Nature starts in a new town called Mineral Town, with some new characters. You will meet some old but some of them are with new families. There’s many new festivals you can play. You can train your dog or horse to win festivals. You can mine in two different mines. You will marry the same girls from Harvest Moon 64. There are many different events you can see, some of them might take years to see them.

It’s difficult to distinguish childhood memories from dreams, like those happy times when you visited your grandfather on his farm. There was a girl-or maybe she was part of a dream. All you know is that a decade has passed and all that you own are memories and the tired, dilapidated remains of your grandfather’s labor. While the local villagers remember your grandfather,they don’t trust. The mayor has generously allowed you to return to your ancestral home, but on the condition that you restore the farm and fit in with your neighbors. At the end of three years, the village will vote determine if you can stay, or if you need to pack your bags and move on. Memories might be precious, but nothing will give you more satisfaction then making all of your childhood dreams come true.

Information supplied by hmotaku.net (Oct 2003 – Oct 2006)

Kamu gak usah banyak pusing ngartiin kata2 di atas, yang jelas kamu dah tau apa game Harvest Moon Back to Nature ini, Langsung saja ambil yang kamu butuhkan, yaitu “CHEAT ” nya dalam bahasa INDONESIA

Lihat di bawah ini 😀

Lihat Semua Cheat nya 😀


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